Overcome symptoms
of depression

with smart pocket therapist.

Skip queues, avoid pills, save money and get fast results with 24/7 treatment.

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Your unique smart companion

Aiden learns the patterns of your thoughts and feelings. It will tailor the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy* treatment to your personal needs.

The more you use Aiden, the smarter it develops in becoming your guide out of depression.

Instant access to your mental coach

Skip months of waiting time for a therapist appointment and begin your recovery today.

Speed up your treatment by accessing Aiden anytime, anywhere to get guidance 24/7.


Scan your mind in complete privacy

Aiden carefully adapts its behavior to your life patterns in order to remain invisible in social settings and public places.


Aiden brings you the most intuitive and discreet self-help service that gets better every time you use it. For you to get better.

Aiden devices

For iPhone, iPad and Android


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